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Accreditation & Data Access Conditions

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Name Central Statistics Office - CSO
Postal Address Skehard Road, Cork, Ireland
Contact Click [Here] 
General Conditions Anonymised microdata files (AMF) are available for non-commercial research purposes. For scientific use files (called Research Data Files, RDF), researcher status must be proven.
Conditions for Non-Resident Researchers Non-resident researchers can obtain AMFs.
Access to RDFs is determined by the Statistics Act 1993. As this is national legislation, access can only be granted within the state boundaries. There are no restrictions on nationality provided the information is accessed within the state boundaries.
Conditions for Students Post-graduate students are eligible (no undergraduates)
Legal Framework Statistics Act, 1993. AMFs: Section 34 of the Act. RMFs: Sections 20(c), 32, 33, 38, 39, 42(1), 42(2) and 44.
How To Apply & Modes of Access
Public Use Files N/A
Scientific Use Files Anonymised datafiles (AMF) are provided through ISSDA (Irish Social Science Data Archive) under formal contract arrangement (available online). Data are distributed on CD.
Research datafiles (RDF) are provided directly by CSO.
A form has to be submitted online. Researchers must be appointed as Officers of Statistics, sign a Declaration of Secrecy and agree to abide by the Standard Agreement.
Researchers can either use the secure data centre at CSO’s premises or access data “off site” with a CD at their own place (secure conditions required).
Secure Use Files
Details & Practical Information
How long does it take to obtain data? AMF are provided under 5 days in average
RDF are provided under 10 working days in average
How much does it cost? Free of charge
Information on Access CSO procedures for data access: click [Here]
Data access at ISSDA: click [Here]
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Last Update 28-07-2014
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