Data without Boundaries - DwB

The Data without Boundaries – DwB – project exists to support equal and easy access to official microdata for the European Research Area, within a structured framework where responsibilities and liability are equally shared. Europe needs a comprehensive and easy-to-access research data infrastructure to be able to continuously produce cutting-edge research and reliable policy evaluations.

Under-use of Official Microdata

There is an existing wealth of official microdata, currently under-used and held behind national, legislative, technical, and cultural borders. This can be resolved via increased cross-national cooperation and strengthened political will. Through a series of tools and international events, DwB seeks to address and improve this situation.

Creating an Integrated Model

DwB contributes to the creation of an integrated model where the best solutions for access to official statistical microdata are available, irrespective of national boundaries, yet flexible enough to fit national arrangements.

Enhanced Transnational Access

DwB enhances researchers’ transnational access to official microdata through coordination of existing infrastructures: the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) and the European Statistical System (ESS). Read more about our mission towards easy, yet informed and responsible access to official microdata for research [Here].

Bridging Three Communities

With 29 partners belonging to the European Statistical System (10 National statistical Institutes or statistical departments), to the CESSDA (11 Data Archives) and to the Research Community (7 universities and 1 SME involved in methodological research), DwB aims to discuss and promote common improvements, solutions and frameworks to be proposed to the whole communities.

Proposing Pilots and Discussing Standards

Currently, comparative research projects based on national official microdata need to go through multiple accreditations and quite different technical and methodological environments. DwB's work will result in proposing pilots for a European research accreditation and a European distributed remote access to confidential microdata for national datasets.

DwB also takes part in the discussion about metadata standards (SDMX/DDI) with the aim of building a single point of access for official microdata.

Work Packages and Deliverables

The project tasks are performed in 12 Work Packages. Short descriptions can be viewed on the page Work Packages. All the resulting public project deliverables are listed on the page Deliverables. After the deliverables are submitted you will be able to view them through links provided in the Deliverables list.

DwB Networking and Services

Upcoming Events

  • 05 - 06 March 2015: User Conference 2015 [Here]
  • 24 - 25 March 2015: 2nd European Data Access Forum [Here]

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