Research Data Centres and Datasets

Below you will find links to the Research Data Centres (RDCs) that were involved and to the datasets they offered for applicants during the DwB project. Most RDCs required the successful applicant to visit the RDC for a face-to-face training session before the data could be accessed.

Note to the selected projects: when claiming the DwB refunds for travel expenses, remember that the end-date is April 30th 2015 and any expenses being claimed must have been spent before this date.

Research Data Centre Contact Datasets Mode of access
GENES, France Email Datasets (in French only) Onsite and remote 1
Federal Statistical Office of Germany Email Datasets (in German only) Onsite only
German Microdata Lab, GESIS Email Datasets:
Onsite only
Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute of Employment Research (IAB) Email Datasets Onsite and remote 2
Statistics Netherlands Email


(Catalogue of microdata)

Onsite and remote 3
UK Office for National Statistics Virtual Microdata Laboratory Email Datasets Onsite only
UK Secure Data Service Email Datasets Onsite and remote 4


1 Researchers will be provided with an SD-Box™ that can be used for remote access
2 For remote access, researchers use remote execution and send their program code to the RDC.  The RDC runs the code on the data and sends results back via email.
3 For remote access, a fingerprint reader is sent to the organisation together with an installation CD-ROM.
4 A small selection of data can be accessed remotely.  Most data will be accessed onsite.