Additional Events

Besides the events listed in the left navigation pane, DwB also organised addidtional sessions and workshops.
These events were aimed at either preparing or finalising discussions and agreements in particular within the context of the ongoing changes (e.g. Revision of European Commission (EC) N°831/2002, metadata frameworks, etc.) and parallel initiatives (e.g. ESSnet).

You will find below the list of additional events which have been organised. For further details on each event, you may click on the corresponding link.

  • 7 December 2011: DwB Additional Workshop on Metadata Standards Issues, Gothenburg, Sweden [More...]
  • 23 January 2012: DwB Additional Workshop on Access to Official Microdata & Accreditation of Researchers in Eastern European Countries, Bucharest, Romania [More...]
  • 4 March 2013: DwB Additional Workshop on Improving Access to European Microdata, in conjunction with NTTS Conference 2013, Brussels, Belgium [More...]
  • 19 & 20 March 2014: DwB Additional Workshop on a researchers' accreditation for transnational access to OS microdata from EU Members States and Associated Members, Lausanne, Switzerland [More...]
  • 20 & 30 April 2014: Workshop on Microdata Computation Centre (MiCoCe), Nuremberg, Germany [More...]