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Accreditation & Data Access Conditions

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Name Bundesanstalt Statistik Österreich (Statistics Austria)
Postal Address Guglgasse 13 1110 Wien Austria
Contact Click [Here
General Conditions Access to anonymised non-personal data is granted for scientific research purposes. Data is non-personal if the data subject cannot be identified through reasonable use of means. Users must be affiliated to recognized higher education or research institutions.
Conditions for Non-Resident Researchers Access is granted to anonymised non-personal data.
Conditions for Students Access is granted to anonymised non-personal data.
Legal Framework Bundesgesetz über die Bundesstatistik (Bundesstatistikgesetz 2000)
How To Apply & Modes of Access
Public Use Files Standardisierte Datensätze (SDS): can be downloaded from the web after registration and acceptance of Terms of Use.
Scientific Use Files Aufgabenspezifische Datensätze (ADS): need to be requested using an online form. If access (safe centre, teleprocessing or direct access e.g. CD- ROM) is granted, specific conditions, modalities and cost of data delivery are agreed in a contract between Statistics Austria and the data user. For all these forms of access applies that access is solely granted to anonymised non-personal data.
Secure Use Files
Details & Practical Information
How long does it take to obtain data? SDS: access is immediate after registration. ADS: it differs from case to case.
How much does it cost? SDS: free of charge.
ADS: price is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specific needs of the user.
Information on Access For further details click [Here] (in German)
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Last Update 25-07-2014
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