Bulgaria Factsheet:

Accreditation & Data Access Conditions

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Name National Statistical Institute
Postal Address 2, P. Volov Str. - 1038 Sofia - Bulgaria.
Contact Click [Here
Website http://www.nsi.bg/en 
General Conditions Individual anonymous data can be provided for the purposes of scientific work to higher education or scientific research institutions, with the permission of the President of the National Statistical Institute.
Conditions for Non-Reisdent Researchers Information not available
Conditions for Students Information not available
Legal Framework Law on Statistics (Promulgated SG 57/25.06.1999, amended 2010)
How To Apply & Modes of Access
Public Use Files N/A
Scientific Use Files Data users shall sign a sworn declaration for protection of secrecy while performing their work and for a period of five years afterward.
Secure Use Files
Details & Practical Information
How long does it take to obtain data? Information not available
How much does it cost? Information not available
Information on Access For further details click [Here
Other -
Last Update 21-07-2014
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