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Accreditation & Data Access Conditions

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Two institutions (click on the name of the institution): DESTATIS  |  IAB



Name Statistisches Bundesamt
Postal Address Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 11 D-65189 Wiesbaden (Germany)
Contact Click [Here]
General Conditions Data can be accessed by researchers from recognised research and higher education institutions based in Germany.
Conditions for Non-Resident Researchers Non-resident researchers may access public use files, and may use scientific and secure use files at the safe centres of the statistical office (Forschungsdatenzentrum, FDZ). They cannot receive delivery of scientific use files outside Germany.
Conditions for Students PhD students based in German Universities are eligible at the same conditions as confirmed researchers. All other students are eligible at more restrictive conditions (access to a maximum of five data sets; no bespoke data preparation).
Legal Framework Statistical law, BStatG 1987
How To Apply & Modes of Access
Public Use Files Public use files (fully anonymised records) are available for a limited number of datafiles. These files can be requested via form and are delivered on CD-Rom.  Destatis also offers CAMPUS files which can be used for free at universities for teaching purposes, but which are not suitable for research. They can be freely downloaded from the web.
Scientific Use Files Delivery on CD-ROM or similar format for off-site use of Scientific Use Files (de facto anonymised records) is allowed at research institutions which are governed by German law. Non-resident data users may not receive these files in their countries, but can work with confidential data via the secure remote execution system or at the safe centres of the statistical office, FDZ.
Secure Use Files

Detailed microdata can be analysed in safe centre (FDZ) and through secure remote execution system.

Details & Practical Information
How long does it take to obtain data? For a national request for microdata the procedure usually takes 2 weeks from the application to the decision whether or not the institution is eligible. For international researchers it might take longer, caused by the investigation on a foreign institute, but not longer than 4 weeks.
How much does it cost?

CAMPUS files are free. Public use files and other modes of access: 250€ per dataset per year per mode of access, plus any extra costs in case of bespoke data preparation. Students pay a discounted fee of 95€ per project (with a maximum of five datasets). Information: [Here] (in German)

Information on Access For further details click [Here]
Other The different modes of access may be combined: For instance, parts of a data analysis project may take place at the onsite safe centre, while other analyses of that same dataset may be performed via remote execution.
A request form is available on line and can be used for all data and all modes of access.
English version: [Here]
German version: [Here] (.docx format), [Here] (.doc format).
Last Update 21-07-2014
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Name The Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)
Postal Address

Regensburger Str. 100
D- 90478 Nuremberg (Germany)

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General Conditions Access to data can be granted for non-commercial purposes only. Four modes of access are available, distinguished by degree of anonymity of the data and terms of data use. (1) Campus files are heavily anonymised data for use in teaching, but not suitable for research. For substantive research, (2) scientific use files (de facto anonymised datasets) are available via secure download. Secure IT solutions enable the use of more detailed, weakly anonymised data sets via (3) onsite use or (4) remote execution.
Conditions for Non-Resident Researchers Non-resident researchers can use the same access ways as domestic research.
Conditions for Students Same conditions as national and international researchers (with support of Faculty member of their institution).
Legal Framework German Social Code Book
How To Apply & Modes of Access
Public Use Files Campus files can be downloaded after registration and acknowledgement of terms of use. Lecturers may pass data on to their students provided terms of use are met.
Scientific Use Files

A request form (available online) has to be submitted. If access is granted, user has to sign a data use agreement. Afterwards the scientific use files may be downloaded from a secure connection.

Secure Use Files
De-identified data can only be accessed via on-site use in specific locations in Germany and the USA or via remote execution. A request form for on-site use (available online) has to be filled and if approved, a user agreement has to be signed.
Details & Practical Information
How long does it take to obtain data? Immediately for public use files; approximately two weeks for scientific and secure use files.
How much does it cost? All data is free of charge.
Information on Access
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Funding for partial cover of accommodation and/or travelling costs for scientists affiliated to non European institutions can be offered.

Last Update 10-09-2014
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