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Accreditation & Data Access Conditions

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Name Statistični urad Republike Slovenije (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, SORS)
Postal Address Litostrojska cesta 54 SI-1000 Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Contact Click [Here]
General Conditions Microdata can be provided for research purposes to registered research institutions and registered researchers in both academia and government offices. "Registered" researchers have a national identifier.
As a general rule, users submit applications for access that are assessed by a Confidentiality committee (internal to SORS); the latter prepares recommendations for SORS's board of directors, which makes the final decision.
Conditions for Non-Resident Researchers Same as national researchers (though requests from non-registered researchers should be evaluated by the internal Confidentiality committee).
Conditions for Students Same as confirmed researchers, provided a tutor/supervisor signs the access agreement on behalf of the student.
Legal Framework National Statistics Act (OJ RS, No. 45/95 and 9/2001)
How To Apply & Modes of Access
Public Use Files N/A
Scientific Use Files Anonymised data are distributed by the Social Science Data Archive (ADP) at the University of Ljubljana. A form has to be submitted and a contract has to be signed. Data are sent on CD Rom.
Secure Use Files
More detailed confidential data can be obtained from SORS after signing a special contract and a statement. They can be accessed onsite in a secure data room or via a remote access system.
The remote access system is in Slovenian only.
Details & Practical Information
How long does it take to obtain data? 2-3 weeks for surveys, up to 3 months for complex datasets from different data sources.
How much does it cost? Free of charge.
Information on Access General information on access, application forms and contract: click [Here]
ADP: click [Here]
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Last Update 28-07-2014
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