Data without Boundaries - DwB

The Data without Boundaries – DwB – project came to a formal end on 30 April 2015. The project had a mission to support equal and easy access to the rich resources of official microdata for the European Research Area, within a structured framework where responsibilities and liability would be equally shared. During its four-year lifespan the DwB worked towards preparing a comprehensive European service with better and friendly metadata, a more harmonized transnational accreditation and a secure infrastructure that would allow transnational access to the highly detailed and confidential microdata, both national and European, so that the European Union would be able to continuously produce cutting-edge research and reliable policy evaluations.

The resulting output is presented on this website as well as the tools and services that are maintained and developed by project partners beyond the project end. Please, use the navigation on the left to learn more. The main event to display and discuss the project work was the Second European Data Access Forum (EDAF) held in March 2015 in Luxembourg. All the presentation slides and audio files are available from the EDAF event page.

Bridging Three Communities

The DwB Governance Council. Mike Priddy of the DANS took the picture.

The Data without Boundaries was a large consortium, with altogether 29 partners belonging to the European Statistical System (10 national statistical institutes), to the CESSDA (11 data archives) and to the research community (7 universities and an enterprise involved in methodological research).  In the picture above are the representatives of the partner organisations to the Governance Council held in Libourne, France in April 2015.

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