DwB project's public deliverables are listed below. As soon as a deliverable is finalised, a link will be added to its title, and you may review or download the item, depending on the format.

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No Deliverable Title Delivery month
D2.1 Project website December 2011
D3.1 Researcher accreditation - current practice, essential features, and a future standard [Here] April 2014
D3.2 A report on the legal frameworks for data access to Official data and an interactive guide [Here] October 2014
D3.3 Research data centres and ISO27001 – a guide [Here] April 2014
D3.4 Convergence in accreditation, legal framework, and information security [Here] April 2015
D4.1 Report on the state of the art of current SC in Europe [Here] January 2012
D4.2 Feasibility study on the organisational architecture for managing pan European access [Here] February 2012
D4.4 System for accessing transnational microdata and description of implementation procedures [Here] Apr. 2015
D4.5 Establishing of test environments [Here] Apr. 2015

Report on concept for and components of virtual service centre [Here]

NEW VERSION (Apr. 2015) available [Here]

April 2012
D5.2 Report and databank documenting national OS microdata [Here] October 2013
D5.3 Report on developed routines [Here] January 2015
D5.4 Report and databank documenting integrated EU Official Statistics data [Here] February 2015
D5.5 Final report & recommendations for the continuation of services for European OS microdata [Here] April 2015
D6.2 1st European Data Forum for access to confidential microdata [Here] April 2012
D6.3 1st Regional workshop [Here] April 2013
D6.4 Users conference 1st report [Here] April 2013
D6.5 2nd European Data Forum for access to confidential microdata [Here] April 2014
D6.6 2nd Regional workshop [Here] April 2014
D6.7 Users conference 2nd report [Here] April 2015
D6.8 Report on the training courses [Here] April 2015
D6.10 Report on Transnational Access Coordination (remote & on-site) [Here] April 2015
D7.1 Metadata standards - usage and needs in NSIs and data archives [Here] October 2012
D7.2 Standards with future relevance for European Social Science data infrastructure - Needs, key areas, rules & best practices in Metadata Standard selection & usage [Here]

Merged deliverable

D7.4 Software development and metadata standards [Here] April 2015
D7.5 DDI and SDMX [Here] April 2015
D7.6 Metadata standards and practices in related disciplines and standards for linking different sources [Here] April 2015
D8.1 OS Object Model [Here] March 2012
D8.2 Metadata Model [Here] October 2012
D8.3 Workflows & dataflows for both possible Resources Discovery models [Here} December 2012
D8.4 Final report proposing portal resource discovery functionality for a search / browse portal  interface [Here] January 2013
D11.1 Exploratory report on future of SDC-software tools in general and the ECTA method in more detail [Part A: Here] [Part B: Here] April 2012
D11.2 Record linkage approaches for dynamic database integration [Here] October 2012
D11.3 Progress and intermediate report on new masking techniques, record linkage for output check [Here] April 2013
D11.4 Software code RCTA and ECTA implementation [Here] April 2013
D11.5 Software for new masking techniques and for new cell suppression method [Here] April 2014
D11.6 Reports on New Synthetic Data Generation and CTA [Here] March 2015
D11.7 Final versions of synthetic data tools, CTA, ECTA and cell suppression tools [Here] April 2015
D11.8 Final reports on synthetic data CTA, ECTA, Cell suppression and Guidelines for output checking [Here] April 2015
D12.1 Database supporting the full metadata model [Here] April 2013
D12.2 Enrichment & Convertion tool(s) for OS data [Here] August 2013
D12.3 Harvesting & Ingest system [Here] October 2013
D12.4 Resource Discovery system for OS data aligned with CESSDA portal functionality [Here] June 2014
D12.5 Documented roadmap describing varying levels of compliance with metadata model [Here] December 2014


IECM database extension, user interface with tabulator [Here] Merged deliverable