DwB Networking Activities

As an FP7-funded project active in the field of Official Statistics, DwB is involved in a number of international networks.

In particular, we are coordinating our efforts with other projects in order to allow cross-fertilisation and to avoid advocating different solutions to similar issues, while ensuring an efficient communication of each other's activities.

The list below gives an overview of the projects that have been engaged, along with the direct links toward their respective websites.

  • CESSDA (Council of European Social Science Data Archives): [website]
  • ESSnet DARA (ESSnet on Decentralised & Remote Access to Confidential Data): [website]
  • FP7 CLARIN (Common Language Resources & Technology Infrastructure): [website]
  • FP7 DASISH (Data Service Infrastructire for the Social Sciences & Humanities): [website]
  • FP7 EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure): [website]
  • FP7 ENGAGE (Infrastructure for Open, Linked Governmental Data Provision towards Research Communities & Citizens): [website]
  • FP7 EUDAT (Towards a pan-European Collaborative Data Infrastructure): [website]
  • FP7 EuroREACH (Improved Access to Health Care Data through Cross-country Comparisons): [website]
  • FP7 INGRID (Inclusive Growth Research Infrastructure Diffusion): [website]
  • FP7 MAPCOMPETE (Mapping European Competitiveness): [website]
  • FP7 SERSCIDA (Support for Establishment of National/Regional Social Sciences Data Archives in Western Balkan Countries): [website]


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