A Vision for the Future


The Vision for the Future section presents ideas and service concepts that are not currently available as a ready-to-use service. They should be adopted and implemented or further developed by representatives of the stakeholder communities, such as the European Statistical System or by the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives.

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EuRAN – Remote Access Network

The model for a Secure European Data Access Network EuRAN is a background network infrastructure characterised by high security standards, interoperability with existing infrastructures, support for different means of access depending on differing security needs, and a single point of access as service hub for a wide range of tools and services. Tools and Services are needed to make the EuRAN usable. These would be available within the ESCOS concept.

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ESCOS – European Service Centre for Official Statistical Microdata

The idea for a European Service Centre for Official Statistics – ESCOS – calls the stakeholder communities to establish a comprehensive web service for microdata from official statistics in Europe; to promote the use of the microdata and to improve data access as well as to support a European Remote Access Network. The Service Centre would essentially take up the legacy of the DwB and go beyond it.

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RDP – DwB Resource Discovery Portal

The purpose of the DwB Resource Discovery Portal is to provide mechanisms to researchers and applications to search and retrieve metadata for the catalogued datasets. It is currently based on CIMES and MISSY and allows search on study level. The portal user interface consists of three separate views, the discovery portal home page, the search results page, and the study details page.

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Circle of Trust

The notion of the circle of trust refers to a situation where different parties, such as research data centres and data archives or universities, can rely on each other in allowing and gaining access to detailed microdata. To build a circle of trust, there is a need, for example, to develop shared best practices, agreements and standards as well as to harmonise licencing and accreditation.

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