EuRAN – European Remote Access Network


The model for a Secure European Data Access Network, EuRAN, is designed to function as a background network infrastructure characterised by high security standards, interoperability with existing infrastructures, support for different means of access depending on differing security needs, and a single point of access as service hub for a wide range of tools and services. Tools and Services are needed to make the EuRAN usable. These would be available within the ESCOS concept.

Proof of Concept for EuRAN

The EuRAN was demonstrated in the Second European Data Access Forum in March 2015. The demo is not available after the end-date of the project, but any interested party should go through the introduction slides and listen to the audio recording available. The introduction is titled Proof of Concept for a European Network of Secure Remote Access Systems: Presentation and demonstration.

The DwB team summarises the general characteristics and requirements as well as advantages from adopting and implementing the EuRAN concept proposed.

  • The system has to be flexible enough to manage very different legal and organizational contexts.
  • The system has to provide a real collaborative environment for researchers across Europe, as data are not harmonised and not always documented in English.
  • The system has to be highly secure to get the trust of many data producers. Such a system may encourage some countries to get more involved in trans-border collaboration.
  • Such a system, when really implemented, would allow a better collaboration between researchers and data-providers.
  • It would create new possibilities to merge data from different institutions and countries as well as different domains.
  • As it would provide a superior passage to secure microdata, it could lead to more data available.
  • There is still a lot to do to implement a real production network of EuRAN.

More information about EuRAN

» Read more and listen to the audio recordings on the EDAF event page Sessions 5 and 5a.
» Read more and listen to the audio on the EDAF event page about Researchers' Needs: Outcomes of DwB Workshop re. Eu-RAN, F. Cornuau (U. Lille 1) & R. Silberman (CNRS).
» Download a fact sheet about the EuRAN.
» Download and read the full report D4.2 from the DwB Deliverables.
» Read an article Schiller, David; Welpton, Richard (2014). Distributing access to data, not data – providing remote access to European microdata. In: IASSIST quarterly, Vol. 38, No. 3, S. 6–14.

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