Synthetic Data Tools, CTA, ECTA and Cell Suppression Tools


This page contains a list of software tools. For each software a short description is given, along with information where the resources can be found. User manuals, full descriptions can be found as (part of) other WP11 deliverables or as published articles.

Synthetic Data Tools (URV)

These are the final versions of synthetic data tools described in Deliverable D11.3: MicroHybrid and Data Shuffling, with the MDAV_ID, MDAV_SWAP and IR_SWAP algorithms. A demo of the MicroHybrid algorithm is included as well.

The software consists of a graphical user interface (GUI) programmed in JAVA. The GUI allows the user to choose the parameter K (in case of the micro aggregation algorithms) and also the different kinds of variables (e.g. quasi-identifiers in MDAV_ID or MDAV_SWAP or confidentials in IR_SWAP). The process is shown in the Logger on the right side of the interface. Apart from this graphical program, two R-packages have also been implemented.

At the DwB website a zip-file can be downloaded that contains the sources of the software, along with documentation on the use of the software. The sources of the R-routines can also be found at the Comprehensive R Archive Network.

Controlled Tabular Adjustment - CTA (UPC)

These are the final versions of the controlled tabular adjustment (CTA) tools, described in Deliverables D11.4 and D11.6.

The CTA software is available in binary format as this is considered to be sufficient for most of the national statistical institutes and researchers. It can be downloaded at:

Those justifying the need of the CTA source code may obtain it upon request to UPC. Source code cannot be redistributed to third parties. Please, contact Jordi Castro (jcastro@eio[dot]upc[dot]es) .

Enhanced Controlled Tabular Adjustment - ECTA -  & Cell Suppression Free Open Solver software (ULL)

These are the final versions of the Enhanced Controlled Tabular Adjustment (ECTA) and Free Open Solver (FOS) Cell Suppression tools, described in Deliverables D11.4, D11.5 and D11.6.

A compressed file containing all source codes and documentation is available as a Zip-file.

It can be used in public and private organizations, even distributed, but it cannot be commercialised by any organisation without a previously written agreement with the owner. It is subject to the ZIB Academic License, like SCIP.

Record Linkage (UoMan)

This is software for Record linkage using similarity scores (RL) and software for Secure string pseudonymisation (SSP). A more thorough description of these methods will be part of Deliverable D11.8.

The sources, along with a description on the use of the software, can be found at and respectively.

More Information

» Go to the DwB Deliverables and download and read the Work Package 11 reports on the sofware.