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This page contains short introductions to guides and guidelines that the DwB has produced. The page content is based on the public deliverable reports which can be downloaded from the DwB Deliverables list.

Researchers' Needs re. Secure Access to Official Microdata

This report is meant to complement and update the findings of a feasibility study on the organisational architecture for managing pan-European access carried out as part of the DwB deliverable D4.2.

It presents the findings of a double quantitative and qualitative approach, based on a broad online survey and face-to-face group interviews with data users, to capture a sharper vision of the researchers' needs in terms of transnational data access functionalities with a view to  evidencing the necessity of a secure data centers network and its feasibility.

To do so, this report is meant to accurately identify the extent to which the current development of transnational access leaves unfulfilled research needs. Since such a network has also to be instrumental in providing researchers with the relevant facilities, the report involves a full exploration of researchers' working methods and organisation, without discounting the legal constraints and safety requirement of the centers where data are stored.

» Download "Analysis of Researchers' Needs re. Secure Access to Official Microdata"  (PDF)

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Research Data Centers and ISO27001 – A Guide

The DwB report Research Data Centers and ISO27001 – A Guide presents a framework for the design and management of an ISO27001 compliant information security standard, where the target users are European research data access centres. For the most part, this means national statistical institutes and national data archives. The ISO27001 standard is a generic process and lifecycle oriented information security management system (ISMS), which can be used across all sorts of businesses.

The DwB team focused on the known desirable features of research data access centers when reviewing the security standard and offers an implementation guide in the first chapter of the deliverable report. The second chapter deals with risk and risk management and the third chapter presents a case study from the UKDA. The guide also provides recommendations for practical implementation.

» Download "Research Data Centers and ISO27001 – A Guide" (PDF)
» More information on the ISO 27001.

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Guidelines for Output Checking

In this document, practical guidelines for output checking are given. Output checking is the process of checking the disclosure risk of research results based on microdata files made available in Research Data Centres. Actual rules for different types of output are given. These rules are placed within a framework of two different models for output checking. Also, recommendations and best practices for some organisational and procedural aspects of the output checking process are given.

Keywords: Research Data Centre, disclosure control, output checking, guidelines

» Download "Guidelines for Checking Outputs Based on Microdata Research" (PDF)


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