European Service Centre for Official Statistical Microdata – ESCOS


The concept of a European Service Centre for Official Statistics, ESCOS, calls the stakeholder communities to adopt the idea and build the service.


The ESCOS' central tasks would be to

  • establish a comprehensive web service for microdata from official statistics in Europe, which would include the metadata, routines, discussion forums for research and sharing tools
  • promote the use of the official statistics' microdata by hosting training courses, organizing user conferences and by incentivizing research
  • improve data access
  • support a European Remote Access Network.


Improving data access would involve

  • providing information on access conditions, access sites and application procedures
  • supporting expansion of transnational access networks and harmonisation of the conditions of use through Europe
  • supporting researchers and the European Statistical System in accreditation.

Thus the Service Centre would essentially take up the legacy of the DwB and go beyond it.

More information about ESCOS

» Read more and listen to the audio recordings on the EDAF event page Session 5.
» Go to the DwB Deliverables to read the full report (D5.1 updated v. April 2015).


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