DwB Metadata Services

This section introduces the DwB metadata services available for the stakeholder communities: the research community, the European Statistical System and the social science data archives.

These aim at promoting and fostering the exchange of best practices, better understanding and common ground for both access to and provision of data from official statistics (incl. highly-detailed and anonymised microdata).

There are two metadata services, which are managed by DwB project partners after the project end-date. One compiles and spreads information on metadata about the European national statistics and the other is an information system that includes metadata describing the European Union datasets provided by the Eurostat.

CIMES – Centralising and Integrating Metadata from European Statistics

CIMES (Centralising and Integrating Metadata from European Statistics) is an information system providing a large and comprehensive overview of official microdata disseminated for research purposes by the national statistical institutes across Europe. It describes these data and the procedures for requesting access with information about the different types of files available, access conditions and links to the providers.

Learn more about CIMES [Here].

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MISSY – Microdata Information System

MISSY – Microdata Information System for Official Statistics is an online service platform that provides systematically structured metadata for official statistics, including for a number of integrated EU datasets (provided by Eurostat). This includes data documentation at the study and variable level as well as documentation materials, tools and further information.

Learn more about MISSY [Here].


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