1st Regional Workshop on Microdata Access in European Countries

Cooperation between National Statistical Institutes & Social Science Data Archives

: 24 & 25 April 2013
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Programme: Final version available [here]
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Practical details: [here]

Scope & Topic
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Scope & Topic

One of the goals of the Data without Boundaries (DwB) project is to promote cooperation, and foster relationships, between National Statistical Institutes, social science researchers, and data archives, in European countries.
As part of this effort, DwB organised its first regional workshop on “Microdata Access in European Countries: Cooperation between National Statistical Institutes and Social Data Archives", hosted by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SORS), Ljubljana, Slovenia on Wednesday, 24th and Thursday, 25th April 2013.
Focusing on 15 countries, a list of which is provided below, this workshop aimed to bring together representatives of National Statistical Institutes, social science data archives and the wider research community to discuss current arrangements and conditions for researchers’ access to data, activities and initiatives of existing data archives, best practices, and potential opportunities for enhanced cooperation that may benefit all stakeholders. In particular, it has been the opportunity to promote closer cooperation and a better sharing-out of the administrative and financial burden (for e.g. metadata production, anonymisation, accreditation, dissemination and providing support to researchers in general), which is increasingly higher.
Attending delegates were from National Statistical Institutes, data archives and research and higher education institutions of several Eastern European countries.

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Programme & Presentations

The final programme is available [here].

The presentations made during the workshop are downloadable below in both PDF and PPT format. Please click on the desired format to dowload the corresponding presentation.

Session 1 - Introduction

  • The Data without Boundaries (DwB) project and the 1st Regional Workshop (R. Silberman, CNRS-RQ) [PPT] [PDF]

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Session 2 - Access to Microdata for Research in Europe & Activities of Archives

  • Research access to official micro-data in Europe: an overview (P. Tubaro, CNRS-RQ & U. Greenwich) [PDF]
  • The activities of CESSDA data archives in Europe (R. Silberman, CNRS-RQ) [PPT] [PDF]

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Session 3 - Examples of Activities in the Region

  • The experience of a National Statistical Institute after a law change:  Estonia (T. Sillajoe, Statistics Estonia) [PPT] [PDF]
  • Setting up a data archive: the experience of Romania (A. Dusa, RODA) [PDF]
  • The European project SERSCIDA: Opening Data Services in the Western Balkans (L. Somun-Krupalija, HRC-U. Sarajevo) [PPT] [PDF]

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Session 4 - Forms of Cooperation between National Statistical Institutes and Data Archives

  • How data archives enhance access to official microdata in Europe (R. Silberman, CNRS-RQ & P. Tubaro, CNRS-RQ / U. Greenwich) [PDF]
  • Archives as full partners in transnational microdata access: UK and France examples (P. Jackson, ONS & M. Isnard, INSEE) [PPT] [PDF]
  • Access to official statistical microdata at the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia and cooperation with the Slovenian Social Science Data Archive
         - Presentation 1 (T. Smrekar, SORS) [PPT] [PDF]
         - Presentation 2 (S. Kocar, ADP) [PPT] [PDF]

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Session 5 - Promotion of Microdata & Training of Researchers

  • UK initiatives to train researchers in the use of microdata (R. Afkhami, UKDS) [PPT] [PDF]
  • The GESIS research methods training programme (S. Schneider, GESIS) [PDF]
  • Training initiatives within Data without Boundaries (R. Silberman, CNRS-RQ) [PPT] [PDF]

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Session 6 - Metadata Issues

  • Metadata management in National Statistical Institutes and researcher access:  the Hungarian example (Z. Vereczkei, HCSO) [PPT] [PDF]
  • Metadata management: DDI and Nesstar at the Czech Social Science Data Archive (Y. Leontiyeva & J. Krejci, CSDA) [PPT] [PDF]
  • CIMES, a tool for describing European Official Statistics Microdata (R. Fleureux & C. Jayet, CNRS-RQ) [PPT] [PDF]
  • DwB WP7: Metadata Standards Development
         - Presentation 1 (M. Coldrey, UGOT-SND) [PPT] [PDF]
         - Presentation 2 (C-G. Hjelm, SCB) [PPT] [PDF]

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Session 7 - Transnational Access

  • The European process of enhancing access to Eurostat data (A. Bujnowska, Eurostat) [PPT] [PDF]
  • The Integrated European Census Microdata (A. Esteve, CED) [PPT] [PDF]
  • Population census microdata for research: the case of Slovenia (D. Dolenc, SORS) [PPT] [PDF]

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List of Targeted Countries

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia

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